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Remote 1:1 Coach

Name: Emily Rizzo

Pronouns: she/her

Instagram: @miamiemi


Originally from Ohio, Emily Rizzo is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and currently coaches as a CrossFit Level 3 at CrossFit Yellow Falcon. She moved to Miami, Florida to attend the University of Miami and has stayed ever since! 


Emily has a strong athletic background in CrossFit and endurance training, placing first in the 2016 Chicago Sprint Triathlon and competitively racing half marathons. Her endurance background, as well as playing competitive soccer, influences her coaching by teaching athletes to develop the mindset for strategy, grit and toughness during competition. 


Emily prioritizes injury prevention through movement consistency and technique skill work. She uses Functional Range Conditioning to achieve total body mobility for optimal performance. 


Client Testimonial:

"I have been working with Emily for close to a year now and it’s the best decision I have ever made as an athlete. The growth that I have seen across the board in strength, gymnastics, and engine work is surreal. I am putting up numbers and times I never thought possible. The amount of detail and care she puts into each warm up, strength, workout, and accessory is tailored to me specifically as an athlete to test where I am, and get me to where I want to be. Together, Emily and I are tackling my weaknesses head on, while also building confidence and grit along the way.

I am beyond blessed to be coached by Emily and be an Underdog! Ready for even more big days ahead." — Carley Castura (Underdogs Athlete)

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