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Remote 1:1 Coach & Asst. Program Director

Name: Brendan Snyder


Instagram: @solosnyder

Bio: Brendan started in the CrossFit space in 2012. He used it as an off season training tool for college rugby and later started a CrossFit Club at Keene State College in Keene, NH. After graduating college, he dove head first into learning about how to make individuals as strong and as fast as possible. He went on to work in the medical field as a nurse, which has helped direct Brendan’s focus on creating athletes that are both physically and mentally prepared for the task at hand. Learning about an athlete beyond the surface level is huge to him and something he feels builds success both inside and outside of competition. Brendan joins us after working under Michele Letendre and Kevin Bowles at Deka Comp where he gained his knowledge on high level CrossFit Programming and Coaching. He can’t wait to grow with the Underdogs team and help build up as many athletes as possible around the world to find their way to the top of the podium!


Client Testimonial: 

"I started training under Brendan a year and a half ago, and have since then seen significant progress across the board in CrossFit! He has been personable and more than willing to modify the training to my needs throughout (injury, irregular schedules, competitions). Brendan paid special attention and gave insightful exercises for imbalances and weaknesses in my performance. I decided to switch to personalized coaching under Brendan because throughout our work together in the group setting he had gone above and beyond the requirements. Brendan is easily reachable and ready to collaborate over any new information I bring to him. With the improvements I had already made I wanted to see how much further I could take it with his guidance!" - Emiliano Morales

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