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Tony Koens

Underdogs Athletics Coach

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  • 2x CrossFit games team athlete/captain

  • 5th place Oly masters world championships

  • Silver and Bronze medals Oly Masters national championships

  • 4x CrossFit games team coach

  • Has Coached a total 16 CrossFit games athletes including:

  •  2x CrossFit games team Champion Andrea Nisler, 2022 Rookie of the year Nick Mathew, 2x National Champion Olympic Weightlifter Kelly Wild, Individual games athlete Paige Semenza, Crossfit Record holder Anthony Davis.

My Story

Tony started in the fitness industry in 2006 as a Sports Performance Coach. In 2009, he got into CrossFit under the wing of fellow Underdogs Coach Tommy Hackenbruck. In 2011, he moved to Minnesota and opened up Timberwolf CrossFit. The following two years he competed at regionals as an individual. In 2014, Tony put a team together taking 1st place in the North Central Region and 4th at the CrossFit Games. That same year, he opened a 2nd location for Timberwolf CrossFit in the Twin Cities. In 2016, he coached a 2nd Timberwolf CrossFit team and they made it to the games that year. The next year, Tony came back as a teammate taking 8th Place at the CrossFit Games. After the 2017 season he made a switch to Olympic Weightlifting and competed at Masters world championships, taking 2 medals at Masters National Championships.  In 2021, he coached Team Timberwolf CrossFit at the Games for the final time. Tony has since sold both of his gyms and is now an Owner of Hero Barbell in San Diego.

Get In Touch

Click the link to submit an inquiry for individualized coaching or email for media inquiries.

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