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Tommy Hackenbruck

Underdogs Athletics Coach

CrossFit Games Finishes:

  • Individual: 2nd 2009, 5th (2010), 23rd (2011), 6th (2014)

  • Team (Affiliate Cup): 1st (2012), 1st (2013), 3rd (2015)

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My Story

Devoted Husband and father of 4 kids. Started CrossFit late (age 27 with 2 kids) and have a unique perspective of what it takes to train and succeed in the CrossFit Games while balancing work and family. Had the privilege of being coached by 2 greatest coaches of all time. My Dad coached me in High School and by watching him I learned to never judge a book by its cover. I saw my dad get so much more out of less talented athletes by believing in them and setting them up for success. In college I played football for Legendary College Coach Urban Meyer. My biggest takeaway was that the most prepared team (or athlete) will always prevail. From Coach Meyer I learned to work harder and smarter than my competition and I always felt prepared when I stepped on the field or competition floor.


Honored to be a part of Underdogs Athletics. I've been a fan of Justin’s coaching abilities since competing against his teams in the CrossFit Games and Grid League. I admire Justin's ability to get the most out of his athletes abilities and credit his success to how much love and passion he brings to the table every day.

Other Accomplishments

-Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge 7x Winner

-Guinness World Record Holder

-GRID League inaugural season

-Affiliate Owner 12+ years

-CrossFit Coach of 2x affiliate cup champions, Coached multiple teams to podium finishes and several individuals


Get In Touch

Click the link to submit an inquiry for individualized coaching or email for media inquiries.

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