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Remote 1:1 Coach

Name:  Tommy Hackenbruck

Pronouns: he/him 

Instagram: @tommyhacksaw


Tommy is a family guy with an amazing wife and 4 awesome kids that he gets the pleasure of coaching from time to time! Athletically, Tommy dreamed of playing professional American Football growing up and found weight training as a young teen hoping to get Bigger, Faster and Stronger for his sport. After a successful college career as a Linebacker at University of Utah he played a month of professional football in Canada and then moved on to pursue a new challenge.

CrossFit found Tommy as a 27 year old General Contractor and he decided to throw his hat in the ring, ended up competing and taking 2nd place at the 2009 CrossFit Games. Tommy competed in CrossFit as an individual and a team member/coach where he won back to back affiliate cup championships in 2012 and 2013. Since he stepped back from competing he has continued to coach both as a gym owner and personal coach with clients in person and remote.

Tommy is truly grateful for his time as an athlete. He got the opportunity to travel the world and learn from some of the best coaches in the business like Mike Burgener, Chris Hinshaw, Dusty Hyland, Rob Macdonald and of course Justin Cotler. Tommy's goals have changed drastically across his athletic timeline from Football to CrossFit Games to training for a 68 mile trail run. He is currently training his body to excel as a firefighter recruit (never too late to pursue a new challenge). Tommy enjoys working with athletes and professionals in all walks of life, and will tailor their program to help them reach their goals. 


Client Testimonial: 

"I have been a high level athlete for 2 decades (holy shit...) and doing Crossfit regularly for the last 4 years. I have followed local programming as well as other very well known online programs. In the 8 weeks that I have worked with Tommy and Underdogs I significantly PR'd my major lifts and done so in a manageable amount of time each week that leaves me plenty of time to spend with my family and eager to train the next day. The programming has been thoughtful and progressive allowing me space to scale where I need and still continue to improve." - Adam St. Germain

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