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Remote 1:1 Coach

Name: Lesha Vozobule

Pronouns: they/them/she/her

Instagram: @leshavoz


A Ragin’ Cajun by birth, Lesha has called Philadelphia home for the past twenty-two years and now starting new adventures in Mexico City, MX. Lesha was consistently involved in sports from a young age, spending their high school years competing in powerlifting competitions and excelling as a cross-country runner. After college, Lesha played rugby at a national level for more than six years with the Philadelphia Rugby Football Club. In 2009, with retirement from rugby fast-approaching, Lesha moved their training to CrossFit which provided them with opportunities for intensity, community, and increasing fitness.

For the last 12 years, Lesha has co-owned and operated one of the most successful CrossFit affiliates in the greater Philadelphia area. With over 300 members, each with a different set of goals, Lesha became increasingly invested in creating personal paths for athlete’s success. Realizing that group class programming was actually a really hard way to help clients maximize their full potential, they left their affiliate to pursue individualized online programming.

They have worked with hobbyists, national level weightlifters and competitive CrossFitters of all levels - all while competing at a high level themself, most recently winning 1st in their age group at Masters Fitness Collective and competing at the Legends Championship at CrossFit Mayhem.

Their training philosophy is to find the balance between hard work and the privilege each person has to train; they want to teach, collaborate, and grow with each client, knowing that chasing greatness is hard work - but it can be fun at the same time.


Client Testimonials:

"I’ve worked with personal trainers off an on over the years but can honestly say that my experience with Lesha is hands down the best. I came to Lesha after a long hiatus from working out due to a hip injury. I had one goal - build strength. Not only has Lesha helped me accomplish this but they’ve done so with such a strong focus on me as a person. Pushing me to stretch myself but also being hyper aware of what works for me and what doesn’t. I feel stronger, more confident, and would highly recommend Lesha to anyone!"

- Alexandra Kralicek

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