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Remote 1:1 Coach

Name: Hugo Rivera

Pronouns: he/him

Instagram: @coachwhoogs


Hugo is a native New Yorker whose lifelong passion for fitness and conditioning has led him on a journey through various disciplines, including calisthenics, bodybuilding, and Muay Thai. Hugo has also become exceptionally well-versed in nutrition and supplementation as a result of his deep passion for peak performance and total health through fitness. Initially considering a career in law enforcement or the military, Hugo earned a degree in criminal justice from John Jay College. But his passion for competition and fitness always reigned supreme.

Having competed in amateur Muay fights, he discovered CrossFit in 2010 and sought to challenge himself by joining the Sealfit Academy to test whether he was physically and mentally fit to do Special Ops. Despite finishing among the top of his Sealfit class, Hugo decided to continue on to become a CrossFit coach at CrossFit Dynamix, where he is now the owner and CEO. 

It was Hugo's discovery of CrossFit that truly ignited his inner fire. Over the past decade, he has dedicated himself to learning every aspect of the sport, from nutrition to body mechanics and programming, and has become certified as a CF Level 3 coach. Currently, Hugo serves as the Head Coach and Programmer for CrossFit Dynamix, where he loves mentoring his athletes and coaching his team to improve movement and performance.

As the original owner of CrossFit Dynamix, Justin Cotler was Hugo’s personal mentor for over 10 years. Having become a CF coach under Justin's tutelage, Justin’s coaching philosophy, style, mission and purpose are reflected in much of Hugo’s achievements as a coach and as the new owner and CEO of CrossFit Dynamix. 

Hugo is particularly passionate about helping underdogs achieve their fitness goals, and he looks forward to sharing his knowledge and expertise with anyone who seeks to improve their fitness and performance!


Client Testimonial:

"I have been training with my coach Hugo Rivera for approximately 2 years, the distance has not been a barrier since I am from Puerto Rico. Hugo understood my goal from day 1 that we connected and he has directed me towards that. Not only my fitness had a significant change since I qualified for competitions that I never thought I would be part of (Masters Fitness collective and Wodapalooza) I also obtained a podium in Aruba from the International Functional Fitness Federation; My mind was strengthened because Hugo is someone who cares, who leads, who has integrity, tremendous credentials as a coach, but his human qualities and faith in his athletes precede him because he feeds us to do what we never thought we could achieve." - Jonathan Mendez

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