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Rob Carson

Underdogs Athletics Coach

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  • CF L1

  • Crossfit Rowing

  • USA level 4 hockey coach

My Story

Born and raised in Long Beach NY with an athletic upbringing Rob spent much of his time competing in the sport of Ice Hockey. He also had a background in swimming and running.
After a major hip injury on the job as a New York City police officer Rob found himself retired at the age of 31. With the itch to still compete he began to row. He quickly found that rowing fulfilled his need to be competitive. He saw the crossover the benefits of rowing had on other sports such as ice hockey, functional fitness and many others.

The functional fitness athletes that rob has worked with since 2015 call him the pace whisperer. His ability to determine pacing on any workout based on the results of the program are phenomenal. He created his program called Engine By Carson to further help athletes. Some of those athletes include. Camille Leblanc Bazinet / Kari Pearce / Bethany Shadburne / Danielle Brandon / Carolyn Prevost / His wife Lizzy Carson just to name a few. He also coaches world champion / world record holding indoor rowers.  Working with the Underdogs team Rob writes all the endurance Mono structural workouts (row, bike, ski, run swim and air bike)

He knows what it takes to build an engine and how important that is for an athlete.

Certifications include:

  • CF L1

  • Crossfit Rowing

  • USA level 4 hockey coach

Get In Touch

Click the link to submit an inquiry for individualized coaching or email for media inquiries.

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