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Is CrossFit Over, or Is This a Call to Action?

CrossFit Coach Brendan
CrossFit Coach Brendan

When I embarked on my CrossFit journey a decade ago, the landscape was a battlefield between the fire breathers and the new school advocates of a strength piece followed by the metcon folks. The sport and methodology have evolved significantly, even in the relatively short time I’ve been involved. This growth and change have always emanated from within the community. Therefore, my challenge revolves around propelling CrossFit further upward and onward. We can accomplish this by continuing to showcase our pride in the sport! CrossFit has often been dubbed a “cult” due to members’ pride in their progressive health journeys and their enhanced happiness through fitness.

So, why can't we collectively thrust the entire movement forward, ensuring the Games continue to grow and athletes persist in pushing their limits?

Rather than passively criticizing the organization and lodging complaints, we, as a community, must seek out the positives and gravitate toward them. Invite your workout-enthusiast friend to join you for a day. Encourage your parents to incorporate some movement into their routine. Explain to your co-workers why you bring a balanced meal to work. Our construction should be by example, not through armchair expertise at home. Revisit the old CrossFit Media posts when you can, as the numbers truthfully reveal where the financial support lies.

This isn’t an article pleading with you to be overzealous, nor does it ask you to unabashedly promote Underdogs.

Rather, it’s a call to action: to take pride in who you are, aiding in propelling both the sport and community forward.

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