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Nick Burns

Underdogs Athletics Coach

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  • Full Time coach for 7 years. (Personal Training, Nutrition, and Crossfit) 

  • Stronghold Mentoring under the guidance of Ray Regno and Coach Bergener 

  • Active Life Professional L1 and Movement Screening 

  • Nutritional Coaching Institute L1 

  • Functional Nutrition and Metabolism Specialization L1 

  • CF-L1/L2 (pursuing L3) 

My Story

Nick started his coaching career in 2014, working part-time coaching group classes at Crossfit Cedar City.


The following year (2015), he began coaching full-time and has been non-stop every day since. Every year, he levels up and strives to become better. With that, comes more passion and drive to help others achieve their goals.


Coaching in the crossfit space has been a big part of Nick’s life. He wants to share the feeling with others of being empowered to do more and achieve more than thought possible. And to never take what we have for granted. 


“No one has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for us to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which our body is capable of.”


Nick has found great fulfillment and joy in seeing many of his athletes achieve their goals and beyond.  


Currently, Nick is coaching out of High Mountain Crossfit and has seen his coaching business BOOM in the last 3 years. These achievements have made him hungry for more, and now he’s on his own journey to achieve more than thought possible. Nick is excited to continue building a name for himself in the Crossfit world and excited to have the Underdogs family in his corner for these next steps.


LFG 🔥🤘💪

Get In Touch

Click the link to submit an inquiry for individualized coaching or email for media inquiries.

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