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At Underdogs Athletics, we know that masters athletes need more than just a slightly adjusted version of the program that individual competitors follow. That's why Underdogs has created a program specifically tailored towards our masters athletes to dial in on the areas that will best serve them in competition and keep their bodies healthy long term.



5 Complete Training Days + 6th Active Recovery Day

Daily athlete leaderboard

Weekly training notes and mindset prompts

Specific workout strategy

Monthly Zoom call with Justin Cotler



I have been a high level athlete for 2 decades (holy sh*t...) and doing Crossfit regularly for the last 4 years. I have followed local programming as well as other very well known online programs. In the 8 weeks that I have worked with Tommy Hackenbruck and Underdogs Athletics I significantly PR'd my major lifts and have done so in a manageable amount of time each week that leaves me plenty of time to spend with my family while remaining eager to train the next day. The programming has been thoughtful and progressive allowing me space to scale where I need while still continuing to improve.

Adam St. Germain
Underdogs Masters Athlete


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