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Jeff Martin

Underdogs Athletics Teen Coach

Certifications & Accomplishments

  • Co-Founder & CEO, The Brand X Method®

  • 40+ years of Coaching experience

  • Brand X® Director of Youth Training

  • Brand X® Certification Staff Lead Trainer

  • Co-developer CrossFit Kids program 2004-2014

  • Co-developer CrossFit Kids Course 2008-2014

  • Director of Youth Training 2011-2014

  • HQ Training Staff 2011-2014

  • HQ Coach and Trainer, Levels 1-4 2004-2014

  • Games Southern California Regional Head Judge 2009-2011

  • USAW Club Coach

  • USAW Sports Conditioning Coach

  • ACN Advisory Board 2021

  • TeenLIFT Founding Board Member 2017

  • StandUpKids Advisory Board Member 2016

  • 5th-degree Kenpo Karate black belt (sifu)

  • KMNTC-certified Krav Maga instructor

  • USA Powerlifting California state record holder

  • Collegiate Athlete - Water Polo 

  • BA Psychology SDSU

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My Story

As Co-Founder & CEO of The Brand X Method® Jeff brings over 40 years of Coaching experience to his roles as Director of Youth Training and specifically his work with youth and Teen Athletes. Brand X® is now a system for Youth Programs, including world class education, curriculum and resources for youth coaches.


There are now over 60 Brand X® Training Centers around the world and thousands of coaches.  Jeff was an early adopter of the CrossFit* methodology becoming the 5th affiliate in the world and being tasked with developing the CrossFit Kids* Program, and Certification along with his wife Mikki. Jeff was Director of Youth Training for CrossFit 2011-2014, HQ Training Staff, and attained Level 1-4 Coach through 2014, and was a Games Southern California Regional Head Judge 2009-2011.


Jeff is also a USAW Club Coach and a USAW Sports Conditioning Coach, He acts as an advisor or founder on multiple fitness related Boards, such as ACN/ Athlete Coach Network, TeenLIFT and 

At the age of 52 he became a USA Powerlifting California State Record holder.

Jeff's early career includes a first coaching job as an assistant coaching High School swim. As a collegiate athlete he played goalie for the University of Redlands in water polo. Pursuing his long standing passion for Martial Arts,  he became a 5th degree Kenpo Karate Blackbelt, as well as a KMNTC Krav Maga instructor in addition to many other accomplishments in various martial arts disciplines.

*He and his wife Mikki, as well as Brand X® are no longer associated with CrossFit or CrossFit Kids

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