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Maximize YOUR Athletic Potential

Custom programming and coaching to dial in on your weaknesses.

Individualized Programming

One-on-one remote coaching for athletes at any stage who would benefit from an individualized approach to reaching their goals.

Individualized Coaching includes:

  • Baseline Performance Testing

  • Weekly Coaching Feedback 

  • Weekly Check-in Review Questionnaire

  • Biweekly 15-minute Zoom or Facetime calls

  • 24-hour response rate to questions in Fitr or Truecoach about programming (except on weekends or vacations)

  • Individualized Program tailored specifically to your goals

  • Monthly Athlete calls 

  • Facebook Group Access



Individualized coaching can be done completely remotely. You'll work with your coach one-on-one to design a plan that works for you and tackle your weaknesses.

This program is the most personalized program we offer at Underdogs Athletics and costs $299 per month with a minimum of a three month commitment.

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