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Ian Berger

Underdogs Athletics Coach


Ian was a collegiate soccer player, graduating from NYU with a degree in Sports Management, when he realized his real passion was in strength and conditioning. After a friend had suggested trying Crossfit, Ian took his advice and quickly fell in love. “I was humbled and addicted to getting better after my first workout”. 


Ian opened a crossfit affiliate and started competing in the sport of Crossfit in 2010 at the Age of 18. Ian competed in 8 Regionals and 2 Crossfit Games. He also served as the GM of the New York Rhinos in the National Pro Grid League. 

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My Story

Fitness is my life and I am constantly in pursuit of pushing my own limits as well as performance/lifestyle optimization. I have had the privilege of working alongside Justin during our time in the NPGL, and as one of his athletes on Team Dynamix in 2016. Justin's super talent is his passion. He truly cares for his athletes and has the uncanny ability to garner their trust. 


The opportunity to coach and help others achieve their goals is what fuels me.  I’m excited to be a part of the Underdogs coaching family and can’t wait to bring my knowledge and experience to my athletes!

Get In Touch

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