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Connor Martin

Underdogs Athletics Teen Coach

3 Teens To The CrossFit Games

  • Amato Mazzocca

  • Bobbie Cooksey 

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My Story

Connor Martin is the former Owner and Head Coach of Compete Elite. He is often referred to as the original CrossFit Kid being widely regarded as the first youth athlete to participate in functional fitness.


Connor competed in the first two CrossFit Games and went on to qualify for regionals four times. When he turned 19, he spent 4 years on the CrossFit Seminar Staff coaching the Level 1, 2 and CFK courses. During his tenure he coached 150+ live seminars credentialing over 6,000 trainers worldwide.


Connor is also a contributing member to The Brand X Method PYCC course and a live seminar staff member as well. In 2016 he started Compete Elite and since has worked with numerous CrossFit Games, Regional, Sanctional and Semi Final athletes with a specific focus on the Teen age categories.


He is passionate about coaching athletes and bringing the best version of themselves out. Connor resides in Houston, Texas with his soon to be Michelle and three daughters, Adara, Avalon and Stella.

*Connor Martin and Brand X® are no longer associated with CrossFit or CrossFit Kids

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