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Bethany Shadburne

5x CrossFit Games Athlete

Bethany Shadburne has been a staple in the women field at the CrossFit games since 2017.

Bethany started Crossfit in 2015 competing in local competitions after a background in gymnastics, bodybuilding, triathlons, obstacle course racing, and half marathons.

"Aside from my fitness background and accomplishments I want to be remembered for always smiling, being humble and being a positive influence on people." said Bethany.


I have been working with Justin for a little over six months now and I am in awe of how he approaches coaching and programming. Not only have I gained strength and more ability in my skill work, but more importantly, I have gained confidence - confidence in myself as an athlete and in my ability to go further in my training than I thought possible. Thank you, Justin, for being an overwhelmingly amazing support system and an even better person! 

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