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Inclusive Training For All Athletes

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The Underdogs Athletics Adaptive Competitor Program is one of the only fully inclusive competitor training plans for adaptive athletes. With the increased development and participation of adaptive competition, Underdogs seeks to provide the same competitive programming quality and structure that our highest level able-bodied athletes do. The program includes workout structure and guidance for each of the major adaptive divisions:

  • Upper Limb Above Elbow (1 Point of Contact)

  • Upper Limb Below Elbow (2 Point of Contact)

  • Lower Limb Above Knee (1 Point of Contact)

  • Lower Limb Below Knee (2 Point of Contact)

  • Major Neuromuscular

  • Minor Neuromuscular

  • Seated 1 (w/out Hip function)

  • Seated 2 (with Hip Function)

  • Sensory

  • Short Stature



Within each day of training, athletes will have access to a general warm-up, strength and skill work, sport and/or monostructural conditioning, and accessory/structural balance work.


This will be the most thorough and progressive adaptive competitor template program ever created, and will be structured around the Adaptive CrossFit Games Season, as well as create a community of athletes training with each other with the same goals.


The Underdogs Athletics Adaptive Competitor Program provides a competitive training template for the various adaptive CrossFit divisions, including Upper Limb, Lower Limb, Neuromuscular, Seated, Sensory, and Short Stature. This program is geared towards competing at the highest level in Adaptive CrossFit competition, and works progressively in line with the CrossFit season structure, and is be the most thorough adaptive template program on the market.

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“I believe that I have unique experiences and a background that make my addition to the team highly beneficial. I have been involved in CrossFit coaching and competing for 6 years. My experience competing in Adaptive CrossFit competitions and coaching Adaptive athletes brings a unique perspective that will expand the inclusivity of the community, and increase the opportunities for athletes who may be interested in Underdogs Athletics coaching, no matter their situation. I am the 4 time Wodapalooza Men’s Adaptive Champion and I also won the 2021 CrossFit Games in the Men’s Upper Extremity division, so I have been at the top of Adaptive CrossFit and have recognition in this area.”

Casey was introduced to CrossFit by his high school athletic trainer, and while studying to become a strength and conditioning coach in college returned to training for functional fitness himself. With a Masters in Exercise Science, became a manager and head CrossFit coach at a large gym in Decatur, Illinois. ⠀



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