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From Our Underdogs Athletes


I have been working with Justin for a little over 6 months now and I am in awe of how he approaches coaching and programming. Not only have I gained strength and more ability in my skill work; but more importantly I have gained confidence. Confidence in myself as an athlete and in my ability to go further in my training than I thought possible. Thank you Justin for being an overwhelmingly amazing support system and an even better person!

Bethany Shadburne

4x CrossFit Games Athlete

Up until my time with Justin, I lacked guidance with my training. Justin has helped me focus on my weaknesses while still building on my strengths. His programming is well-rounded, incorporating weightlifting, conditioning, skill work, metcons, and accessory movements. Justin’s programming has helped enhance my skills and my confidence in knowing that I can do hard things. Although I have only worked with Justin remotely, his guidance has helped make me a better athlete, and I am eager to continue down this path with him to help reach my fullest potential. 

Emily Nussbaum
2021 Crossfit Games Semifinals Athlete

I’m a former powerlifter who has been limited in movement but still wants to become more athletic, fit and strong . But it has been a challenge for me after years of neglect on the small things and putting my body through high stress in the sport of powerlifting. 

I’ve been in a funk with my training for years now and trying to find the right programming and coaching to help me achieve my goals. I decided to give Underdogs programming a try and can honestly say I’m glad I did. The attention to detail by coach Tommy and The Underdogs programing for a master athlete like myself has been game changing.


From the warmups, mobility work and skill work as all been game changing for me. I have been rebuilding my body and motivation with this programing and it feels great. I recommend Underdogs programming and coaching to everyone but especially to us masters not ready to stop being an athlete but ready to set and crush new goals .

Rodney Reed
Underdogs Athlete

I’ve been working with Justin Cotler for over a year now and the growth I’ve had as an athlete is amazing. He’s helped me put close to 30# on my lifts, shave so much time off workouts, and become an entirely different athlete overall. His level of care for his athletes is unmatched and I’m so happy to be a part of this team and see where we can take this!

Matt Dlugos

2021 CrossFit Games Semifinals Athlete


At 44 I'm FINALLY feeling like the 20 year-old college football athlete I once was, thanks to Underdogs Athletics and Coach Justin Cotler! After 10 years of CrossFit, it feels like it's now all coming together. I've tried a few other programs in the past but Underdogs is legit!


Not only do I get a program that includes warm-ups, weightlifting, skill work, metcon, strong man, accessory and conditioning, but the training is intentional, thoughtful and keeps the old man bones in mind for recovery. Lastly, who wouldn't want a coach that's not only super cerebral, but a fierce leader with a proven track record. WE'RE GETTIN IT!!!



Angel Cardenas
Underdogs Masters Athlete
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